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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Diversity in Education?

The modern educational model as implemented by the public school system in America values diversity. This usually means racial and ethnic diversity, though after 9/11 they have added religious diversity to the mix of "different points of view" to be taught, with the unspoken message being "all points of view are legitimate and worthy of respect."

Except they forgot one. Modern education does not respect diversity of educational models. Homeschoolers represent an incredible spectrum of diverse educational models and ideas. Almost all of these models have legitimate research and professional support. Here are just a few:

Charlotte Mason

Classical Education




Distance Learning

Resource Centers and Cottage Schools

Umbrella schools

Tutors & Mentors

Unit Studies



Homeschool Cooperatives

True diversity is a problem for a bureaucracy. A bureaucracy works best when it has one job, one objective, one means to achieve that goal. By its very nature, a bureaucracy cannot tolerate diversity in its ranks. Diversity of skin color and religion are wonderful goals and can easily be integrated into the bureaucracy because neither affect its fundamental functioning. But diversity of educational theory gums up the works and slows the machine. It throws the proverbial monkey wrench in the works.

True democratic diversity in education is anathema to a national management strategy of education. Which is precisely the point of those making policy. They are not democratic in their goals; diversity is decidedly not their goal. They are social engineers who use education as a vehicle.

It is time to return democractic diversity to education. It is time to end government-monopolized education and show legislative respect for the diversity that homeschooling and the various alternative school models offer.


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