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Monday, November 28, 2005

Full-Service Education

"Last year, when Maryland Congressman Steny Hoyer introduced landmark legislation to provide funding for full-service community schools, he became part of a nationwide movement aimed at making children’s school days longer, more numerous, and filled with services once provided solely through other industries. In making his case, Hoyer said, “Full-service community schools are valuable resources in local communities because they provide for the seamless integration of academic, developmental, family, and health services to children and their families. These schools, in addition to strengthening local communities, ensure the best use of resources, which will result in more cost-efficient services."

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Even Harvard recognizes the need for new models in education. In this article, Geoffrey Canada, Harvard Ed.M.’75, president of the Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ), says "It’s time for educators to face the fact that the old model doesn’t work for everybody.When they had this old model they weren’t preparing all students for college—a very small percentage of students were being prepared for college, and everybody else was being prepared for the factories!"

This is yet another example of another model for education - this one actually run by the government. It clearly makes the case that true diversity is needed in education. None of these models should be mandatory or monopolistic, but they should be options for those who wish to choose them.


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