Modern Education Failed Us

A blog for stories, research, and activism for educational choices. One-size-fits-all mass education is harmful for many children. There are many educational models - homeschooling, secular private schools, one-room schoolhouse, charter schools, virtual schools, specialty schools, religious schools, and many more. All deserve respect and equal protection under the law. The government should not discriminate nor dominate! Centralized monopolistic public education should be a thing of the past.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Welcome! Please join us...

The purpose of this blog is to gather information and opinions from people who have found themselves reluctantly making the decision to homeschool because the public education system has failed them and they had nowhere else to turn.

Special Education failures.... Gifted and Talented education failures.... Cultural and Moral failures.... Socialization and Bullying failures....

A centralized, one-size-fits-all system of mass education has a lot of opportunities for failure. Add to that the inherent limitations of an entrenched, bloated bureaucracy and you have a recipe for disaster. A disaster that affects a lot of kids. That is wrong.

This blog will gather personal stories, share research, comment on news stories, and strive to promote the concept that parents know best what method of education is best for their children. It will provide evidence that the one-size-fits-all method is harmful individually and to society at large. It will advocate for more parental control and parental choice in education. It will attempt to influence the entrenched system of public education and amplify the opinion held by many that Father and Mother Know Best - not the government, not ivory-towered academicians, not so-called professionals - what is best for their children. Those institutions provide valuable support to parents and should be consulted, but they are NOT the decision-makers. The parents are.

Now what do we do about it? Share your stories... share your vision of change... share links to news stories.... give a book review.... Get Involved! Let's change something!


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